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We have opened our own store in Haldeman KY. Come on by and see how we make the best! 4500 Open Fork Road. Haldeman, KY 40351 Online Store is up and running. Just click on the Store tab above. W...  (11/01/2020)
• What is saponification?:
The term saponification is the name given to the chemical reaction that occurs when a vegetable oil or animal fat is mixed with a strong alkali. The products of the reaction are two: soap and glycerin...  (09/09/2013)
• Did You Know: Shower Scrubby
Did you know that if you use a wash cloth or Shower Scrubby Your homemade soap bar can last 10 to 20 times longer. Just make sure scrubby and bar are nice and wet. Rub the scrubby 3 to 4 times with th...  (09/09/2013)
• Did You Know: All homemade natural soap bars are made with lye!
All homemade natural soap bars are made with lye. This process requires a certain level of expertise and entails a learning curve. Incorrectly made soap always stands a chance of having some free lye ...  (09/09/2013)
• Did you know: Store bought soap isn’t really soap!
Did you know that store bought soap isn’t really soap? It's detergent! Store bought soap strips and starves your skin because all the glycerin has been taken out. Commercial soap makers remove all t...  (09/09/2013)
• Soap Making: The American Colonies
At first the earliest settlers simply brought a plentiful supply of soap along with them. The Talbot, a ship chartered by the Massachusetts Bay Company to carry persons and supplies from England to it...  (09/06/2013)
• Did you know: Just Clean "Old 77" Laundry soap
Did you know that if you wash your clothes in Just Clean "Old 77" Laundry soap and you do not add bleach, fabric softener, dryer sheet, or anything like that, your clothes will have no smell at all wh...  (09/05/2013)
• Soap Making: The European Dark Ages
After the fall of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, there was little soap making done or use of it in the European Dark Ages. In the Byzantine Empire, the remains of the Roman world in the eastern M...  (09/04/2013)
• Soap Making: The Romans and Celtics
The first definite and tangible proofs of soap making are found in the history of ancient Rome. Pliny, the Roman historian, described soap being made from goat's tallow and causticized wood ashes. He ...  (09/03/2013)
• Soap Making: The First Soap
This certainly cannot be documented; but it is quite possible soap could have been discovered even in prehistoric times. Early people cooking their meats over fires might have noticed after a rainstor...  (09/02/2013)




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